Decorative Gravel/Aggregates

DIY homeowners and contractors must ensure the structural integrity of every concrete feature that they will build. They must use the finest materials available Рfrom cement to aggregates and other masonry materials. If you also have the same project in your home or you are a contractor working on a new construction project, let us provide you with all your needed construction materials. At Structural Stone Company, Inc., we have a large inventory of first-grade decorative gravel and aggregates that can be used for DIY projects and commercial applications. We can be your reliable partner in completing your hardscape amenities and other masonry projects in your property.  Please visit us today at 323 Rt 46 West in Fairfield, NJ and we will assist you in the proper selection of your needed materials.

First-class Decorative Gravel and Aggregates

At Structural Stone Company, Inc., we source our decorative gravel and aggregates from reputable quarries in the state. We have reliable partnerships with them, so we can always meet the demand of all our clients.

Our decorative gravel is perfect for home renovations, landscaping, and outdoor improvement projects. Some of the decorative gravel that we can offer you includes pea gravel, river rock, white marble chips, red rock, Jersey shore stones, Delaware river rocks, Mexican beach pebbles, and boulders. They are available in different colors and sizes, so achieving your desired look or theme for your concrete feature will be easy.

Please contact us today at (973) 227-0500 for your inquiries, orders, and other concerns. 


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