About Us

About Us

Structural Stone Co., Inc. Established 1956 by Charles Meredith and Gaetano “Tom” Longo.
Charlie and Tom, while running their own construction and masonry business, purchased material from various places in New Jersey and New York. They would store leftover material from jobs at their home. Business was booming and the amount of leftover material overwhelmed the men. This prompted Charlie and Tom to look for a place to store excess material. They discovered a prime piece of property on Route 46 in Fairfield.
They continued to do masonry jobs and started to purchase extra materials to store on the property that customers could choose from. Customers liked that they could select the colors of materials they were going to use for projects. Because of this, Charlie and Tom were prompted to make a display of material they were stocking.
In 1966, Charlie and Tom decided to retire from the physical part of the construction and masonry business and Structural Stone was born. It quickly became one of the largest masonry suppliers in Northern New Jersey.
Charlie retired in 1986 but Tom continued as president. Tom transformed the company by investing in new trucks and machinery and increasing the amount of staff members. Structural Stone has grown into a fully stocked supply yard featuring an outdoor display of products.”



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