Retaining Wall Blocks

Premium-Quality Retaining Wall Blocks

All types of hardscape features and amenities must be built using top-quality materials. Using substandard materials can lead to the early deterioration of the structure and pose safety risk to people. For example, a poorly built retaining wall may sag or collapse during a heavy rainfall or snowstorm. This can result in injuries, damage to properties, and costly repair works. It may also disrupt your business operation if the wall is located in your business premises.

As a property owner, you should rely only on tried and tested brands. Go for leading retaining wall block manufacturers since every product they offer is guaranteed top-quality. This is also what we do here at Structural Stone Company, Inc. All our retaining wall blocks are sourced from trusted manufacturers in the country. We carefully select them to give our clients the finest products available in the market.

One of our highly recommended brands is Belgard. This company is the largest manufacturer of hardscaping products in North America. The quality of its retaining wall blocks is top-notch and proven long-lasting by countless satisfied clients. Its wall blocks are commonly used for residential and commercial applications. If you want to try this brand for your project, we suggest you pick from any of the retaining wall block designs below:

    Brookshire Wall 3″ & 6″ Double-sided

    Ashlar or Lafitt Tandem Wall

    Aspen Stone

    Diamond Pro Lip System

    Diamond Pro PS Straight Face or Victorian

    Belair Retaining & FS System

    Weston Stone

    Diamond Pro PS Quarried Face

    Diamond 9D Wall

If you want to see more options, just visit our yard and personally choose your desired wall block design, color or pattern.



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